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The Los Angeles Sports Foundation Coaching Support Program provides coaches of community youth basketball leagues with the opportunity to work individually or in a small group setting with an experienced support coach. These collaborations help coaches to learn new ways to effectively teach the fundamentals of youth basketball through the use of developmentally appropriate drills and proven organizational strategies.

Practice Meeting

The youth coach schedules a time to meet with the support coach thirty minutes prior to their scheduled team practice. During this time, the coaches formulate objectives, draft a sample practice plan, and determine measurable goals for the practice. The youth coach can opt for the support coach to instruct the practice, or the support coach can observe and take notes on the structure and teaching points of the practice. After the practice, the support coach and youth coach meet for thirty minutes to review the practice, how it may be improved upon, and identify future goals for both the players and the coach. 

Follow Up Support

The follow up component to the Coaching Support Program allows the youth coach to contact the support coach by phone or email with further questions about the material covered in the joint practice for the remainder of their season.

Program Rates

The Community Youth Coaching Support Program rate is based on a ten-week youth basketball league format comprised of twenty coaches during which each coach is able to schedule at least one joint practice visit and receive follow up support by email or phone. Contact LASF for more information or to schedule a program.


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