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“[The workshop presenter] has a unique outlook on sports that has to do with engaging the mind of the athlete as well as his body.  I think [LASF] is onto some powerful ideas, and I for one am learning a ton.”

-6th Grade Boys Basketball Coach


“[The workshop presenter] used our conversation to tailor the clinic to address the most direct and beneficial coaching methods for our staff. For 4 hours, [the workshop presenter]  was energized, responsive and proactive in meeting STAR’s coaching needs.”

– Dr. Jill Moniz, Director of S.T.A.R. Educational Programs


“[The workshop presenter] teaches in a manner that everyone will absorb, regardless of learning style.  He does not just lecture.  He explains, demonstrates and then makes you do it, just like we are taught to do with our kids.  This can be a real eye-opener.  This valuable lesson has made me not only a more empathetic coach, but a better parent as well.”

– 6th grade Boy’s Basketball Coach




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